Makara Necklace
Makara Necklace
Makara Necklace
Makara Necklace
Makara Necklace

Makara Necklace

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In Hindu, Makara is a deity of the waterfall.

The Makara is presented to you and the Earth in it's honor of the waterfall.

As the water falls from on high my mind flows to the the glistening gemstones hidden in the cliff wall behind. 

Made to order

Lead Time: 7-10 days



Opalite nuggets

Japanese beads in opaque turquoise

Swarovski crystal clasp

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The Idea:

We wear our souls. 

And our souls are made from our interactions, memories and dreams of the world

  • Southwestern Mesas
  • Ocean Coral Reefs
  • Yellowstone Sulfur Ponds
  • Wild Flower Meadows
  • Mountain Pine Forests
  • California Beaches.

Through these memories and dreams I create artisan jewelry that are uniquely yours.

These Artisan jewelry pieces are available for purchase now or you can contact me to create a custom order. Custom orders can have different color combinations and semi-precious and precious stones added.

Coral stitching, netting, brick, peyote, Ndebele and other beaded techniques are used in my necklaces to create their intricate designs. Each piece is made from my unique impressions of the natural world and artistic expression to create earth inspired statement necklaces.

All jewelry is made to order and delivered to you with my full love and guarantee.  Artisan necklaces will last a lifetime and should be part of your family's heritage and generational collection.