Our Beginnings

Stories don't always start out well.  We can only hope that we can get up and work towards our happy ending.  This is how Tim and I came to own our GMC and our beginnings of RV full time living.
In October 2015 we were coming home very late one Sunday night from cleaning and doing the accounting at our pet supply store.  As we pulled onto our street the blaring lights of fire trucks blinded us.  I allowed my eyes to adjust to the flashing lights for a few seconds and then I noticed they were all at our home!  The devastation had been wrote and our house was a complete loss.  What I remember while standing there was that night was a constant sound of breaking glass (firemen were banging out every window in our home) and the udder feeling of being unable to move.  Not like I was frozen but that I was jello.  Like each time I heard a sound it took minutes for my brain to tell my  body to move and for my mouth to speak.  Things like a friend asking if I was ok took seconds and even minutes for me to process and respond back to.

And then came the following weeks of hell.  Trying to go through everything in my house for the insurance company was like reliving the disaster over and over again.  Qualifying and quantifying each and every item in your entire home is nearly impossible.  And the worth the insurance company thinks it is is far less then it's actual worth.  While we lived out of a Residence Inn Tim and I decided we wanted to have a place for us and the dogs that we knew was ours.  We travel a lot and finding places to stay that allow or dogs is incredibly difficult.

SO we began a search for an RV.

We looked at the new ones. Ww went to RV trade shows.  We searched the internet.  And searched and searched.  Every night looking for just the right one.  I had always wanted an Airstream but I didn't want a travel trailer (one that you pull behind the vehicle). I wanted a motorhome that the dogs could travel with us wherever we went.  Then Tim mentioned it. What about a GMC.  I thought what is that.... Then we pulled up photos online and I was in love.  A home on wheels, totally vintage and totally doable.

After searching and driving to visit many a GMC we finally bought one from a lovely couple in Michigan.  Their parents had bought this GMC new and it was even stored at the GMC headquarters museum for a time.


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