Fixes on the GMC

Today was a heck of a day.

I woke up to finally clear out the truck from the last show and Tim decided today was the day to fix the black water tank.  

For those of you who don't know that the tank that holds all the icky plumbing gook until we dump it.  Well our tank started to leak as it became half filled and Tim wanted t check the valve that holds it shut.  

So in this 90 degree weather he climbs under the GMC and starts his fun "cursing at inanimate objects" to get the poop tank pipe off.  Pulling and twisting on a pipe that flows poop is always dangerous.  And I can guarantee you that even if Tim wrapped himself a sealed suit he would still get poop on him.  And he did.

Upon getting the main pipe off he sticks his arm up the smaller pipe to find out there is 40 years of hair and goo wrapped around the valve that closes the tank.  Yuck!

He cursed through pulling 2lbs of gook out of the valve.  Pulled and cleaned the whole valve repaired a seal and replaced everything.  It took all day and many many many a curse word but everything is back and it appears to be holding.  

Which is the best thing a black water tank can do.

Back to making jewelry tomorrow.

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