A soulful and conscious connection

Just the other day I was finishing up my newest creation.  A customer commissioned a drape necklace just over a month ago and I was so excited about getting the final project out to her.  She had chosen her color palate because of a silk hand painted jacket that she cherished and owned for many years.  She talked about the luscious colors and the flowing material that spoke to her.  

This customer moved to Galveston, TX over a decade ago and through gardens and community has made a strong connection and life in this sleepy beach town.  As I spoke with her about her hopes and dreams I could feel her royal presence.  It's a presence that hasn't always shown through but when I spoke openly to her I could see it glow all around this beautiful person.  

Half way through making the piece I had to set the necklace aside and breathe upon its energy.  What I had been making was beautiful but it didn't glow.  My necklace didn't bring forth the essence of my client's natural beauty.  This women who gives to others everyday.  Who strengthens her soul by helping others.  I needed my art to remind her of her royalty.  That is the piece that will help her to rejuvenate and continue her mission.  

And then the energy spoke and my inspiration came to me and I finished the final layers.  This draping necklace built on a deep black base with stones of lapis, amazonite, peridot and labradorite just glows when you see it.  It's strong and soft all at once.  You can't miss it's presence but is still gentle and inviting.  All of this is exactly who my client is.  I was so excited to see her reaction and so I sent off a photo to her.  

Immediately she sent back this photo.  An image of my image on an ipad surrounded by the jacket she will pair it with.  She even sent a second photo with another jacket that connects perfectly as well.   I could feel, even through a text message, the glow that she had for her soulful necklace.  This is what I strive for.  A piece that helps bring forth the best in us.  The beauty of our individuality.  It's not just a necklace but a piece that connects us to more.  

Over the coming week I will finish up this commission.  Complete it's clasp, package it into a preservation case, type up the certificate of authenticity and write the story of its creation.  UPS will take hold of this treasure and transfer its ownership and my creation will go live a new life.

 The true beauty that lives within our souls can become hidden when we struggle through our lives. Struggles that are daunting and overwhelming suck out the glow of our individual beauty.  I hope for this necklace's beauty to continue to remind my client of her own beauty and strength.  I hope that through my creations I help others to rejuvenate their souls and bring forth their soulful individuality as only they can to the world.

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